Dancers’ Workshop invites artists from all over the world to engage directly with our students, inspire our teachers and professional dancers and enrich our community through performance. Guest artist programming at Dancers’ Workshop diversifies and augments our students’ regular training. Artist residencies expose our dancers to instructors of varied backgrounds, perspectives and teaching styles, connecting them to artists of the highest caliber and to the greater dance community.


Malpaso Dance Company, March 

Batsheva Dance Company



Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company, October 2018

Savion Glover, October 2018

Tika Morgan Dance, September 2018

Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, July 2018

Erin Roy, June 2018

Daniel Staaf & Sarah Stanley, May-June 2018

Aitor Basauri & Erin Roy, April-May 2018

Savion Glover & Marshall Davis, Jr., March 2018

Ori Flomin, March 2018

Aitor Basauri & Erin Roy, February 2018


DIAVOLO Architecture in Motion®, August 2017

Jonathan Stafford, Ballet Master, NYC Ballet, August 2017

Gina Patterson, August 2017

Ann Carlson, Doggie Hamlet, July 2017

Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company, World Premiere of Analogy/Ambros: The Emigrant, July 2017

Sterling Hyltin, NYC Ballet Principal, July 2017

Amar Ramasar, NYC Ballet Principal, July 2017

Jubal Battisti, July 2017

Gina Patterson, June 2017

Dan Walczak, June 2017

Mario Bermudez-Gil, March 2017

Savion Glover's BARE SOUNDZ, February 2017

Oscar Ochoa, February 2017

Julia Eichten, February 2017


Eric Midgley, November 2016

Gina Patterson, November 2016

Jonathan Stafford, Ballet Master, NYC Ballet, August 2016

David Dorfman Dance, Come, and Back Again, August 2016

Stars of American Ballet, an ensemble of NYC Ballet Principals, July 2016

Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company, Analogy/Lance: Pretty aka the Escape Artist, June 2016

Rena Butler & Manuel Vignoulle, June 2016

Lawrence Jackson, February 2016

Troy Ogilvie, 2016

Cory Goei, 2016

Annmaria Mazzini, 2016